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About Logan Taylor

Wilma Taylor
Logan's grandmother is the woman who raised him
Noah T. & Logan II
Logan's two son's Noah and Logan II (Deuce)
Rhyann T.
Logan's daughter Rhyann
Logan T.
Y.B.Normal? When you can be extraordinary

Y.B.Normal: Logan Taylor grew up in Chattanooga, Tennessee.

Having it easy is never a phrase you would use to describe Logan Taylor’s childhood. Raised by his grandmother in low-income housing and with an absentee father and barely-there mother, Taylor struggled as a child and young adult. Add to these issues sexual abuse, drug addiction, a horrific car wreck, multiple suicide attempts, and crippling anxiety and so much more it’s hard to imagine how he ever made it.

Taylor now has a bachelor’s degree, certifications in adverse childhood experiences (ACE‘s), The Teacher and Social and Emotional Learning (SEL) Specialization, and has written multiple books. He is working to obtain his Master’s degree to become a mental health therapist.

Logan has traveled the world and had much success as a transformational speaker but he is most proud of his family.