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About Logan Taylor

Wilma Taylor
Logan's grandmother is the woman who raised him
Noah T. & Logan II
Logan's two son's Noah and Logan II (Deuce)
Rhyann T.
Logan's daughter Rhyann
Logan T.
Y.B.Normal? When you can be extraordinary

Y.B.Normal: Logan Taylor grew up in Chattanooga, Tennessee.

Having it easy is never a phrase you would use to describe Logan Taylor’s childhood. Rasied by his grandmother in low-income hosuing and with a absentee father and barely-there mother, Taylor struggled as a child child and young adult. Add to these issues sexual abuse, drug addiction, a horrifc car wreck, multiple suicide attempts and crippling anxiety and so much more it’s hard to imagine how he ever made it.

Taylor now has a bachelor’s degree, certifcations in adverse childhood experiences (ACE‘s), The Teacher and Social and Emotional Learning (SEL) Specialization and he has written multiple books. He is working to obtain his Master’s degree to become a mental health therapist.

Logan has traveled the world and had much success as a motivational speaker but he is most proud of his family.