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Y.B.Normal? SEL Journals

There is solid evidence that SEL matters a great deal for important life outcomes including success in school, college entry and completion, and later earnings. SEL can be taught and nurtured in schools, resulting in significant impacts such as improvements in the classroom functioning and students’ ability to learn and get along with other and academic achievement.

A cornerstone of this practice has been the development and dissemination of our very own social emotional learning journals (SEL). Here at Y.B.Normal?, we developed SEL journals to assist students in self regulation, stress management including but not limited to depression & anxiety, and an array of life challenges. Research shows (Reference) SEL has a significant impact on important life outcomes including but not limited to academic/career success, college entry/completion, and later earnings. 

Y.B.Normal? SEL journals help to stimulate self examination, promote effective communication, and build a sense of self awareness, all of which provides a fundamental foundation for social emotional health and wellness. Through our SEL curriculum, Y.B.Normal? has already partnered with fourteen schools nationally to build our global student community’s capacity for social emotional wellness.

They have been reviewed by multiple licensed therapists, social workers and a multitude of educators with over 102 years of experience combined. The journals have prompts and were designed for 30 and 31 days. Our journals are written on unforgiveness, self-awareness, motivation, goal setting, self-love, self- exploration, and much more. Our journals are available in English and Español and lesson plans are available for schools.

“People’s beliefs about their abilities have a profound effect on those abilities.”

Albert Bandura

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Y.B.Normal? “SEL” Journals
Y.B.Normal? “SEL” Journals

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