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Top Youth Motivational Speaker

Logan Taylor of Y.B.Normal? can be the perfect motivational speaker for your teachers and scholars. Because of his past, Logan can be a valuable asset to your staff and help them connect with some of their most challenging students.

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top youth speaker

Through his transparent empowerment speaking, Logan shares his downfall in life and rise to success. This serves as proof to your students that NOTHING is impossible if you’re willing to put in the work. Logan has an uncanny way of connecting with the students of any audience in a real and relevant way. Logan’s purpose for being a top youth speaker is to help students recognize the power of education so that they can experience Y.B.Normal?!.


Dr. Sherrie Johnson District Superintendent

“Logan’s story very is touching. Logan’s passion resonated with me so deeply. He was truly a spark and should be a regular presenter to social services organizations all over the US!!!”

Jamie M. Maggy Assistant Principal

“Y.B.Normal? bought hope to my students and held their complete attention during his assembly i recommend his honest and real approach to overcoming struggles. I promise your students will relate and love it. He is really good!”

Stephanie Purvis Principal

His desire and drive to reach our students was palpable. He prompted the students to identify what behaviors and patterns of thinking had resulted in their placement in an alternative school.

Lakesha Carson Principal East Lake Middle School

I truly feel privileged and honored to have been able to hear Mr. Taylor speak, and I wholeheartedly recommend a partnership with Y.B.Normal? to anyone that is looking for a change in their life, professional career, etc. I assure you that Y.B.Normal? has high morals, values, and integrity without question. Book Y.B.Normal? for your group - it was worth it!

Joy Owino Hume-Fogg Varsity Head Coach

When i became the head coach at Hume-fogg Logan was one of the first people i contacted to come speak to my girls he words pushed us to a 30-10 record and all they way to sub-state. I believe Logan is the best role model to be empowering our young minds. He has been through more struggles as one can imagine, but has found a way to turn all of that into something positive. I can testify that Logan’s empowerment encouraged the minds of my young girls and I believe he can continue to empower the young men and women in the Nashville and surrounding areas.

Taylor Teichman Youth Development Coordinator Center For Schools and Communities

Logan Taylor was one of the most powerful and passionate speakers I've come across in my lifetime. His is a voice that should resonate with everyone in all situations. Truly phenomenal.

Jevon Wilkes
Jevon Wilkes California Coalition for Youth Executive Director

Logan keeps it real to engage and empower youth and adults to reflect together to build together. EVERYONE LOVED HIS SPEECH!!!!

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