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Top Youth Motivational Speaker

Y.B.Normal? can be the perfect motivational speaker for your teachers. Because of his past, Logan can be a valuable asset to your staff and help them connect with some of their most challenging students.

Through his transparent motivational speaking, Logan shares his downfall in life and rise to success. This serves as proof to your students that NOTHING is impossible if you’re willing to put in the work. Logan has an uncanny way of connecting with the students of any audience in a real and relevant way. Logan’s purpose for being a youth speaker is help students recognize the power of education so that they can experience Y.B.Normal?!.


“Logan’s Testimonial is touching. He understands the reality of my students because he was the ‘underdog.’ His message is powerful! Every student should listen to Logan and his story! He is a Powerful Motivational Speaker!”

-Dr. Jim Holland

District Superintendent

“I’ve been in education for over 30-years and have sat through a countless number of professional development speakers. Y.B.Normal? is hands-down the absolute best I’ve seen. There is no one even a close second; the gap is astronomical.

-Susan Wheeler

Veteran Teacher

“Y.B.Normal? had our entire student body spellbound with his life story and how he rose above circumstances. He stresses to students the importance of getting a good education and of persevering when things don’t come easily. After speaking to the students, Y.B.Normal? connects with the students and spends time talking to them individually during our lunch shifts. Our students love him and always look forward to hearing him speak!”

-Paul Moore


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