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A: Y.B.Normal? message is all about choices. They encourage students to make decisions for themselves, and they share personal experiences of benefiting from making positive choices and how to overcome obstacles.

Other topics include:

-Professional Development for Teachers
-Self-Love/Self Worth
-Don’t Be a Dropout
-Making the Best Decisions
-Continuing the Legacies & PBIS (positive behavioral interventions & supports)

A: No fee is set in stone for Y.B.Normal? to present to your students. We would love to work with you to make a huge impact on your school while staying within your budget.
A: Absolutely. Y.B.Normal? speaking contain absolutely NO inappropriate themes, religious content, swearing, etc.
A: Schools receive ‘Tour Pricing’ (50% off) with 3+ schools booked within the same timeframe.

A: 1 hour for an in-person assembly (which includes a short Q&A session) OR 45 minutes for a virtual assembly with an optional 10 minutes of Q&A added at no cost.

A: Our journals come with lesson plans and are transcribed in English and Spanish. Yes there is a cost per book.

A: Of 277 school administrators and teachers who have submitted feedback, 93.4% indicated Y.B.Normal? presentation was better than other assemblies they have had in the past. Yeah. In fact, of that percentage, 57.1% said the message was MUCH BETTER than past assemblies. And 99.7% of respondents think Y.B.Normal? presentation would be beneficial to other schools and districts.

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